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Church Security Training in Nashville

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Elite Training LLC company owner has over 30 years experience in Law Enforcement. Elite Training LLC specializes in Church Security Training.  Our company is the only company in Middle Tennessee with a large number of industry professional, certified trainers in ACTIVE SHOOTER, firearms instruction, defensive tactics, taser instruction, and defensive spray. Following the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ Shooting, news agencies from Nashville sought out industry leaders for advice on ACTIVE SHOOTERS and security tips for places of worship. WKRN.COM featured a special "Security expert shares how to keep places of worship safe following tragedy in Antioch"

Shown above is company owner and defensive tactics instructor demonstrating a procedure for engaging an armed suspect. Note: The best way to engage a gunman is with a gun, but if one is not available, you must be brave, like the Antioch hero! The usher from Burnette Chapel Church of Chirst saved many lives! He performed exactly as we teach others! 

Church Security Training Now Offered All across East Coast

Church Security Training in Nashville

Church Security Training in Franklin

Church Security Training in Antioch

Church Security Training in Florence, AL Church Security Training in Ohio,  Church Security Training in Kentucky, Church Security Training in Mississippi Church Security Training in Louisiana, Church Secuirty Training in South Carolina

ACTIVE SHOOTER Instructors, firearms instructors, emergency preparedness planning. Let our professional staff train your safety team! Proudly serving all of the East Coast.  Elite Training LLC offers the best trainers in the South! Following the Las Vegas Shooting, Elite Training was contacted by media representatives for Active Shooter Training Tips.  Elite Training will train any place of worship, business, financial institution, school, daycare, or any other location an intruder may enter. The answer is not gun control, the answer is to properly equip the honest places of worship and businesses with the knowledge, and a plan in case something happens! Too many times people "freeze" when the unthinkable happens. With the proper training, we will train your safety team to break through that and focus on eliminating any threat that may endanger your son, your daughter, your wife, your baby.  Our plan is not just active shooter, it includes tornado emergencies, evacuation drills, safety awareness for your child care, taught by industry professionals who specialize in sex offender registry laws, and investigations! Elite Training is a FULL SERVICE PROTECTION TRAINING COMPANY!


Active Shooter Training for Businesses and Corporations

Church Security Training in Huntsville, AL

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Active Shooter Training for Businesses

Elite Training LLC specializes in ACTIVE SHOOTER INSTRUCTION!! 

Company Owner is a certified ACTIVE SHOOTER INSTRUCTOR and 2017 

award winner of excellence from U.S. Department of Justice.  We will train your employees how to react to an active aggressor or an ACTIVE SHOOTER.  Let our experts help keep your people safe in case of an emergency. Every day we hear of an active shooter on the news. We can show your staff what actions to take to help protect against an aggressor!!


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During this tragic time, we will be open 7 days a week til 10 p.m. daily

Training hours flexible to meet your needs at your church. We will train on site with our professionals and your team

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Nashville Church Security Training

Ensuring your safety is our number one priority. As trained law enforcement instructors, you will be in good hands, I only employee top notch tactical, trainers that I personally know. As a veteran law enforcement trainer and Southern Baptist Church Member, my passion is to keep our Church community safe! No other business has the backing and experience and faith based trainers that we offer. 

Antioch Church Security Training

I am currently receiving a lot of calls from Nashville Churches. Please don't worry. I have a large base of certified instructors with knowledge of the course that can teach. The plan I teach stays the same from church to church. I am insured and licensed. When your team has to react to an aggressor, they can have peace of mind with the knowing that they are covered under my training plan. This plan helps each of your team members to relieve themselves of some liability. Your main liability kicks in when you have an improperly trained team. With 30 years experience in this field, and a fellow Christian, I don't feel there is a need to shop around. Tomorrow it could be your church. Call me today.l I love each and every one of you, God has given me a mission to keep our church community safe. I will train at your church as not to alarm your regular members. 

Florence Alabama Church Security Training

I will personally speak to the Pastor, or lead security team member from your church. With the approved lesson plan we teach, you will be pleased to have our staff teach your team. If you do not have a safety/security team set up yet, don't be alarmed, we will help. If you will give me some people that are current or former law enforcment, military, or something similiar, I can build your team. We will personally design their assignments and train them. Your church may not want firearms. Some don't. We go to step 2. That would be defensive tactics training and peppergas that can be carried discreetly under your suitcoat. We also have had alot of return calls to come back to the churches and train the ladies in defensive tactics and selling them personal sized models of peppergas that fits on key chains and goes in purses. Call today, let us make you safe in your place of worship!

Church Security Training in Nashville and Huntsville

Elite Training LLC will only provide certified, professional trainers. A complete profile of each trainer is available upon request. We will provide quality training at a cost that is within your budget. Contact us today. We need to prepare our Churches, daycares, banks, and any other location where there are large gatherings. Don't wait until something happens. Put your faith in God, and your training needs in Elite Training LLC. 

Franklin Church Security Training, Florence AL Church Security Training

Professional training by 30 year law enforcement veteran, active shooter instructor, firearms instructor! 

Elite Training LLC can train your church in the best tactics to protect your people in the event of an active aggressor. Whether it's an ex spouse, a drunk, a person on drugs, or active shooter, let us show you how to defend yourself. Allow Elite Training LLC to customize a plan that fits your needs. Some places of worship forbids firearms. We do have defensive spray and defensive tactics training that can aid for an active aggressor in those situations. The Burnette Chapel Murderer was stopped by an unarmed hero! We can train you tactics that can aid in those situations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is a safety/security team?

A : A team of your members that you designate to be your security team.

Q : Who should be on the team ? 

A : Somebody capable of carrying out essential life saving/defensive tactics.

Q  : I already have a team, why do they need to be trained by your company?

A : LIABILITY, LIABILITY, LIABILITY! A poorly trained team with little or no training is a liability to your members, your church, and individual team members. Would you let let your teenager drive your new car without teaching them how to drive? Then please don't have a team that has no formal training by a certified trainer. Elite Training LLC only uses Industry Certified Professionals with a proven lesson plan that will follow your team and stay on file in your office!

** Ladies our Defensive Tactics Instructors will teach your group , call for group rate!**