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Church Security Training from Nashville to North Alabama

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Elite Training LLC has certified instructors in the following fields:

* Firearms

* Active Shooter

* Taser

* Defensive Spray

* ASP Baton

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Business owner is a law enforcement professional and southern Baptist Church member. Over 30 years police experience with firearms instruction, active shooter, and police instructor certification! I would like to share this experience with my Tennessee home to better secure our church feinds!

My prayers to Burnette Chapel and Las Vegas Massacre Victims

Burnette Chapel Church of Chirst and Las Vegas Massacre was a total tragedy!  Our prayers are with the survivors of each groups. Elite Training will not rest until we aid all who come to us for life saving training techniques. We are living in 2017. None of these actions take God by surprise. As our nation slips away from holiness, we will see more of these acts. As the company owner, I beg you to seek the training of a reputable company to train your staff. Don't think you are "ok". How many times do we ask people if they know Jesus, or if they want to know about the plan of salvation, and they tell us that they are "ok" they don't need it! Pastors, church leaders, businesses, financial institutions, convenience stores, cash advances, etc, please call today! Even if you only want training for your small stores that involve use of pepperspray to protect the clerk from an aggressive attacker, we can teach your employees techniques to ensure self-safety in event of active aggressor. Contact Elite Training today!! (931) 444-5650 or don@elitetraining

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Tennessee Church Security Expert shows News 2 techniques to safeguard churches following Antioch Church tragedy and Las Vegas Massacre